I Dream In Color

Where is love….

 It is deep within the closet
Behind the locked layers
Years of what should have, could have, if only we tried harder but I tried hard enough
That I feel you penetrating layers of sealed/taught restraint
And maybe, truth be told, I’m scared as I find myself going full speed forward
Against fore warned “do not get caught up in the façade”
But years of perfected lies couldn’t deceive this feeling of you and me
So excuse the insanity while I “futurize”
Indulging in poetic melodies
You strum the songs of my heart
Tell me that traums have the ability to become true because…
I believe completely in you
Willing to slay the seven head dragon
Can’t be conquered by Hebrew armies
Knock down the Berlin wall of random concubines
And wrap you in these sheets of Oya
I want to go down by the riverside
Dip past transgressions in your vision
And prophesize the future into reality
Because tomorrow may never come
I want to live in today
Encase myself in the shield of a fantasized love
And be reborn on the threshold of make believe
What of love at first sound
Filtering through airwaves
Veins split wide open
Like Donny said, I want to be loved in a place where there’s no space of time
So even though you don’t believe in fairy tales anymore,
I can see through the smoke screen
Because I’ve slept with a broken heart
Woke up and nursed it back to life with prayers and broken winged promises
Yeah I know mama
That you saw your destiny approaching
Because this little light of mine
Saw the God in you
Her trash was my treasure and you’ll always be good enough
And if I dialed the wrong number
then I’d rather dance or die
picking the spikes of your porcupine
learn to handle you gently
because Diesel ignites at a virtually constant speed
So yes, I get it
I can be your flower child
Make love not war
We be too blessed to be stressed
I give you my words
Dripped in your meanings
Because you too, make me wanna be in love
And unlike the others, I know that love’s a verb
So I’m crushing
On your lip service
Amused by your musings
It is what it is
I want…
What I want…
& that is…


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