Thinking About Love

You should fall in love so deep that your pulse redefines your heartbeat
like every touch could show your skin how love feels
slow breaths like you blaze L’s and M’s and N’s
You should simply be left breathless
Unable to move
or speak
Just thinking… about… breathing
Some distant waters come and trouble my seas
I just might
run circles around this church if heaven don’t come get me
cause somewhere between Good Morning and Hello you should be left speechless
Not caring to define the impact of one line sentences
You should have late night conversations of “I know you heard my mind speak”
Become prophetic and project the different ways you’ll spread your lot
Have you ever been hugged by love
It feels like fire shut up in your bones
and it sings like Oh Precious Lord
and it moves like Amazing Grace
and I know exactly how sweet the sound
of love 
reading books together for the first time
Not speaking
Not touching
Just reading and thinking
Each other
Have you ever felt the wind whisper loves name
Some I think I might be hearing thangs but I tend to see more clearly
and can not be held accountable for this fire
So just back up bc I might DRIZZLE & EXPLODE
and Oh… MY…. GOD
Love tastes so damn good
and maybe God and damn shouldn’t come so close
but you know damn well you’ve said worse when love had you
head down and you know what up
Go ahead and admit it
Love should be your desire and you it’s indulgence
of late night pillow talk
Vulnerable moments whispered between “please don’t judge me but I am a freak”
and love feels like the building anticipation of an orgasm about to come
And it ain’t even your fault if love has you sprung
Hell, you should want to be 
I mean why make an Angel Fly without it’s wings
There is no sin if Love is pure
So you should love without reason
Just breathing
Just thinking of your pulse settling your heartbeat

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