Before I touched you
I wanted to love you
Create a map to heaven on the span of your back
Angel wings and lamb skin
Natural like tree roots and honey
We comb hours through gridlocked simplicity
Kiss mountains of Sinai beneath twilight moons
Crescents perched towards perfection
Suckled moments of ecstasy
Renewed dreams and cherished vows
Exposed bare without hesitation
We breathe sandalwood
Clenched fists
Closed eyelids
Curled toes upon touch
Traced Braille across your shoulders
Kissed desire on your collarbone
Found Jerusalem in your Bethlehem
I am the Bast of your Ra
You my Sekhmet
Together we conquer Babylon
Rapiqum fall upon your fingertips
Heed the span of your Nile
Oya secretes through your whisper
We love in prophesy
Layers delved in truth
We love in space where there’s no existence of time
Imperfectly perfect
Just right for one another


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