A Woman Scorn… 5 yrs later

For New Orleans… A Woman Scorn

She lies ravished
Violently brutalized and depleted of all natural resources
Left with little human contact
Playing on the back of your conscience in market driven magazine plots
Misleading media headlines that attempt to downsize the reality
Of facing America at its finest
Drenched in undisrupted classrooms with empty hallways
Inside of schools that can’t open because the students haven’t came back and
The teachers can’t teach because the system decided it was better to lay them off than to
fulfill their commitment of back payment
She boils with the stew of empty kitchens where the only thing cooking is
Toxic fumes, liquid waste and human remains
Inside of houses that bear an X on the door to say that the Military has been there
Where modern day pilgrims are now marching in to conquer the stolen land of
Residents that can’t make it back to their homeland because of lack of resources
And no money which means no travel,
No food, no work, no house, no home
No help from the government that is
But it’s not just the government that is the problem
It is each of you that still sit complacent
Waiting for the next person to help you out of your situation
As if you can’t be them when you are them, just a few states away
And although fema and the bush administration should have stepped in faster
We should have acted years before by electing the right officials
And learning that politics represents demographics
And no vote means no voice
And I’m mad that Katrina bears the marks of a failed system when
It wasn’t Katrina that failed New Orleans but the good ole US of A
And every other expert that cosigned on the dotted line and then
Hid behind the military shield when the results revealed
Errors that even a 5 year old mind would have knew didn’t add up
And it still doesn’t add up when I see my brothers and sisters
Dying in foreign countries to rebuild their land
When ground zero sits less than a day drive away from my door step
It doesn’t add up when we’re giving humanitarian aide to 3rd world countries
While people die stranded here on our soil
And don’t have jobs here on our soil
And is forgotten right here
And we pay tax dollars to build democratic systems
In third world countries when G. W. Bush and his gang
Has made a pure mockery of our democracy
And after all the lies
And phone tapping,
Oil stealing
Non Bin Laden catching
Lack of action taking situations that he’s placed this country in,
No on hollered impeach
But they were ready to send Clinton to jail for getting a blow job.
She lies silently waiting for revenge that even Da Vinci knew would eventually come
Silently allowing the pilgrims to rebuild on the new voodoo soil where souls perished
Vowing to remember those that turned their backs on the innocent
Bound by death requests to make those that forgot, remember
And they will rebuild beautiful homes on stilted legs
With levees strong enough to withstand 3 Katrina’s
And business will boom in a new tourist society
With beautiful hotel rooms and tours that will escort visitors to the ninth ward
To the astrodome,
To the superdome where devastation hit
Up and down the streets of New Orleans
And she will sleep until they have rested comfortably
In their ignorant bliss
And then she will strike with the vengeance of a woman scorn.

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