Ex For A Reason…

Repost …

You and your new girlfriend are together now. Of course in the beginning of the relationship you talk about previous relationships and ex girlfriends. The good, the bad, the ugly, the great in bed, and the total losers. Now this is not for those of you that are still messing around with your ex girlfriends. Shame on you if you are. This is for those of us who are just trying to move on. Well its months later and she is still stuck on your ex girlfriend. Maybe you told her about how much you cared for your ex. Maybe she sees things in your ex that she lacks in herself. Maybe she is insecure. Whatever the reason, if I’m over my ex then why aren’t you? Here are some things the new girlfriend needs to consider when she’s tripping about your ex girlfriend.

1. If I still wanted her then I would be with her and not you.
2. She is an ex for a reason.
3. Everyone is different in bed. Stop asking if you’re better.
4. No I’m not secretly counting the days until she & I get back together.
5. You are my current girlfriend not her.
6. The past is not the present.
7. I’m dating you because you’re not her
8. It’s not my fault if she calls to see how I’m doing.
9. Before we were lovers we were friends so she may call to check on me sometimes.
10. You’ll push me away from you before she has a chance at taking me from you.


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