My Life In Music

Someone sent me this to fill out and I thought I’d share. I love music so here are my answers and some of my other favorites.

My Life In Music

 If someone says “Is this okay”, you say? Lauryn Hill – “Nothing Really Matters’

 How would you describe yourself – India Arie – “Beautiful”

What do you look for in a guy/girl – Mary Mary – “God In Me”

How do you feel today – Mary J. Blige – “Color”

What is your life purpose? Jazmine Sullivan – “Famous”

What is your motto? Aretha Franklin – “I Say A Little Prayer For You

What do your friends think of you? India Arie – “I See God In You”

What do your parents think of you? Lauryn Hill – “Every Ghetto, Every City”

What do you think of often – Marvin Sapp – “Never Would Have Made It

What is 2 + 2? – Marvin Sapp – “Praise Him In Advance”

What do you think of your best friend? Set It Off Soundtrack – “Missing You”

What do you think of the person you like? Jill Scott – “My Love”

What is your life story? Fantasia Barrino – “The Lord Is Blessing Me”

What will you dance to at your wedding? Anthony Hamilton – “I know What Love’s All About”

What song will they play at your funeral? – Donny Hathaway – “A Song For You

Ne-Yo – “Say It” – Every time I hear this song I play various scenes out in my mind.

Donny Hathaway – “A Song For You” – Describes my journey as an artist

Donny Hathaway – “Giving Up” – Reminds me of a time that I cheated

 Chrisette Michele – “Blame It” – I really was the reason we broke up. I’ve accepted it.

Anthony Hamilton – “Feel Like Fallin’ In Love” – This song always make me feel lifted but it’s just so darn funky too. I love it. Love is good for everyone.

Anita Baker – “Angel” – I can slow jam to myself  on any day to this song. 

India Arie – “Good Man” – Makes me think of raising a beautiful family 

India Arie – “Beautiful” – This is one of my personal odes to myself. I’m following my dreams and fine with that.

 Me’shell Ndegeocello – “Love You Down” remix – OMG!!!! Too erotic to speak about.

 Ples – “One Mo Time” – I love this gully song. It’s so hood yet true.

 Chrisette Michele – “Work It Out” – What love should be about. I love the second verse of this song. “I’ll walk the long road, I wont complain, I’ll give it all up and you do the same yeah”… She better sing that truth.

 Robin Thicke – “In The Morning” – Yep, any morning, no questions asked lol.

 Floetry – “Say Yes” – Yes! Lol

 Lyfe Jennings – “27 Years, 16 Days” – Another artist struggle

 Lyfe Jennings – “River” – Reminds me of my relationship with my mother

Tanya Stephens – “Can’t Breathe” – Break up song… No, make that the break up gone all wrong song

 Sam Cooke – “A Change Gon’ Come” – My everything anywhere, anytime inspirational song.

 Raheem Devaughn – Garden of Love – Yes, Yes, and Yes again. I love this song

 Bilal – “Sometimes” – This is my “you’re getting on my nerves so I’m going to chilling out and listen to music” song.

 Sam Cooke – “Cry Me A River” – Just a good old crying song.

 Aretha Franklin – “Chain of Fools” – I love this song!

 Anthony Hamilton – “Pass Me Over” – This song  touches my heart.

 Johnny Gill – “My My My” – This song will always be sexy to me.

 Michael Jackson – “Dirty Diana” – This was my get fresh song when I was younger.


2 thoughts on “My Life In Music

  1. It is nice getting to know you through music, I will have to look up some of these songs cuz I have never heard a few. (Don’t judge me :D). “never would of made it” makes me teary at times, but thats neither here nor there.

    I Love love love Jazzmine Sullivan’s latest album, and “stuttering” is one of my fav’s on it. I can now say I see where she was coming from with the lyrics, I couldn’t when I first heard the album. Even if its just a little bit.

    • Jazmine Sullivan is the business. I really hope i’m able to get her on the radio. Her new album is a hit. It’s only one song on there that I skip through. “Stuttering” is one of those songs to smile through 🙂

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