Weight Loss Update :)

This isn’t going to be my only post today but I had to come and share an update of my weight loss project. I haven’t named it yet, maybe I’ll call it “Operation Nya” as Nya is my alter ego.

I initially began by fasting for the month of December. 30 days no meat, no alcohol. The idea was inspired by Russell Simmons book, “Do You”. He talks a lot about how meat isn’t good for you and challenged readers to try to give it up sometimes. I decided that 30 days meat free was exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed the fast and I haven’t been as dependent on meat for filling a meal as I was before.

January kicked off my gym regimen. I go to the gym everyday after work for at least an hour to an hour and a half. There are lots of days when I don’t want to go but I put on my sneakers and work it out everyday and I always feel good about it when I’m done. Last week I was really sick after I slept outside for the auditions but I still made myself go. I admit that one or two days I was much slower than normally but hey, I was sick so that’s ok. I think the workout actually helped bring the cold out.

This past weekend was just hectic. There was the sorority anniversary dinner, Fresh’s birthday party, catering Nimah’s bridal shower, the Nalo meeting, and of course the super bowl party.  I was all over the place this weekend but I’m thankful that I’m at a place where I have things to do. Some people sit in the house wishing that they had places to go. Monday I was too tired to work out. I just couldn’t do it so I went home and had a real low key night.

I had a break through yesterday. Right after looking down and seeing I’d burned off the first 100 calories, I felt great. I realized that I’d miss working out. It was crazy because it was only one day that I didn’t go but… I missed it. I put my back into it and had a hell of a workout yesterday. This morning I happened to put on a coat that I got about 4 years ago. It was fitting before but I’d gained weight recently so I couldn’t fasten it in the front…. NOT ANY MORE. That bad boy zipped all around me with extra room to spare. You should have seen me doing my two step dance. I put on some extra cute heels to celebrate. Lol.

Lately people have been telling me it looks like I’m losing weight. I just smile as they ask how much I’m trying to lose. I don’t have a number and I haven’t even weighed myself in over two months. I just want to be fit and happy. I want to run a 3, 5, and 11K. Those are some of my goals. But I admit there’s this one pair of really tiny shorts in my bottom drawer that I have kept for some years. When I can get back into those, I’ll be rather happy.

As for working out… Well that’s a lifestyle change that I don’t plan on ever giving back up.

An old snapshot of me.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update :)

  1. “Lately people have been telling me it looks like I’m losing weight. I just smile as they ask how much I’m trying to lose. I don’t have a number and I haven’t even weighed myself in over two months. I just want to be fit and happy.”

    Hear! Hear!

    And NOT constantly weighing yourself is a Wise decision.

    When I lost nearly 70 lbs 10yrs ago I stayed away from the scale because I didn’t want to saboptage my own pace of success. By the time I got on the scale (about 5 months into it) I had dropped over 50lbs. By then my body was in a “fitness” mode thanks to regular workouts, decreased carb intake, increased water intake and eating healtheir. Those life-changes were *key* to me then AND now.

    And btw: Your picture…..Very nice 🙂

    • 70lbs is so awesome. That is a huge feat so congratulations. I can be totally obsessive compulsive so I don’t even own a scale. I have to work on drinking more water. As much as I think about it, it’s just not happening…. Lol, I think I need a water coach.

      I have been eating much healthier. I actually read the ingredients on the label and just because I can pronounce my way through them doesn’t mean I know what they are. Too much oxy, cide, drates, type stuff and I leave it right on the shelf. No thanks.

      And thanks!

  2. Two step, two step now watch me two step aye aye aye now get it get it get it get it…… j/p

    Congrats on the seeing the results in little things like the jacket, and celebrating that moment. Yall make me want to go run in the snow, lol kidding. But it is inspirational none the less.

    • Peace Trell,

      I’ve learned that it’s all about celebrating the little things. Each step is a climb closer to the final destination. Hey, let me know if you ever want to go walking. We can hit Piedmont Park or something on the weekends.

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