I Want My Floetry Back!!


I am happy to let you know that my first post has gone up on Pangea‘s Garden. Please click the picture to check out the article.

Everyone knows that I am a die hard FLOETRY fan and I truly miss these ladies. I feel as artists it’s our responsibility to touch people through our work. As people, we allow our emotions and conflicts to get in the way of doing that. Regardless, I want my Floetry back. Hopefully this will make it to them. Love you Natalie and Marsha.

Check out the article on Pangea by clicking the picture above or the link below.


Dear Floetry,

And by that, I do mean Marsha and Natalie, I’m sending this letter to both of you. I know that it’s been some years and you’ve both grown and experienced changes but I feel that it’s only fair for you to know that we’re missing you. Maybe you haven’t heard in a while how much we love you and how deeply you moved us so I figured I would take a chance and tell you. See, with the same love we use to pray that Lauryn finds her way back to us we urge you to come back to us. We hope that we haven’t truly lost you; I mean you did fly from London, England over to Atlanta and then Philly just to touch us. We embraced your words and songs into our lives and accepted you wholeheartedly.

It was your honesty, soul, creativity, harmony, and overall def, dope, funky, sexiness that captured us in the first place. We learned each and every one of your lyrics. We sung “Hey you, sorry that I had to leave I’ll try to come back…” and meant every single lyric with you. Come on Marsha, we were mesmerized the moment your voice hit our ears. And Natalie, my sister, poet friend, it was the hypnotic dips of your voice speaking with passion that kept us so, so, so, so, so, so… I know you have to remember.

Maybe it’s selfish but we’re your fans and we know you weren’t selling lies. Natalie, even you said that everything on the album was the truth. I precisely remember you saying, “See your ok it looks much worse than it really is/ and you’ll pull through come on you know how we be doing this/ It’s me and you yo/ you promised you can’t pull out now/ We’re friends for life so you can’t just sell me out”. You can’t allow all of those years to just go down the drain. What happened to you? How can we fix this? There has to be something that we can do. We weren’t just buying albums, we invested in the dream.

Individually you’re both forces but together you were unstoppable. What can go so wrong that a 14 year friendship can’t heal it? Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what happened, you two were Blessed with a gift to touch lives TOGETHER. We need you back together. Do it for us, your fans, the new people that will be exposed to you. You said you were sorry that you had to leave and you would try to come back. Hey you, it’s time to come back.




3 thoughts on “I Want My Floetry Back!!

  1. Umm….talk about a tease (throwing my heads up in utter frustration)!

    I can’t read the full content of your article without becoming a PAID member of that site and let’s just say I’m not happy about that .

    Gonna have to think about it though simply because I enjoy your posts…..

  2. From your fingertips/computer to their ears!

    I don’t know the reason why they broke up(?) And as you said, it really doesn’t matter.

    But it would certainly be great to have them once agin bless us with their joint artistry.

    I can’t believe they don’t recognize how great they are together…smh.

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