National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month

Oh my fellow bloggers and subscribers, the time has arrived. Tomorrow begins National Poetry Writing Month where we are CHALLENGED to write 30 poems in 30 days. I confess, I’ve never been able to do it. That should take some of my poet stripes away but hey, I invoke my right to be an artist and sensitive about my stuff. lol. With that being said, I am going to try REAALLLLLLLLLY REALLLLLLLLLY hard this time to do it. If you subscribe to my blog and don’t want then daily email updates then please change your settings, don’t leave, just change your settings lol :o)

 If you have something you’d like me to write about then comment here and I will write about it.

National Poetry Month 2011

Bright Objects Hypnotize The Mind (guess that’s why some are drawn to me, they can’t help themselves, the light, the light, the light is so bright. Stay away from the light Carolann. roflmao)

P.S.. I won’t be doing updates or anything like that but I’ve started the Weight Watchers program. I’m so excited.


3 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month

  1. Hey Chica, I have no doubt that you can write a poem a day. You’re very talented and I absolutely love hearing and reading your work. Sending creative vibes your way.

    My topic request: “I should’ve left it at “Uncle””

    This chic who I knew I couldn’t really be with because the timing was off, I tried anyway. She offered an innocent gesture of “friends”. Me being the self-driven woman that I am, wasn’t trying to leave it at that. So I flat out told her she could call it quits is she wanted and I would respect that. To my surprise Lil Mama called “Uncle” and I saw it as her playing hard to get because she kept giving lil signs that maybe there was a chance so I kept pressing. I think I was hypnotized by the very being of her. Everything about this Chic had me open. I would secretly go home and read her poetry or anything I could find she had written. More than loving her looks, I enjoyed this woman’s thought process, her energy, her corky lil laugh. To make a long story short, things went sour before sweet and I deleted every memory of her. There’s a part of me that wishes I would have taken her up on the friend offer because even if I couldn’t have her in the way I wanted, I still would have had her in my life.

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