ABC’s 1 of 30

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Anxiously anticipating the
Brazen beseeched request to
Connect carnal cravings
Delicately devouring
Every enticing inch of you
Feverously frolicking focused cunnilingus
Generating guttural gasps from
Hypersensitive licked clitorises
Intensively Caring for every Unit of your body… I.C.U
Jeopardously kindling lustful moans
Keenly savoring every morsel
Lenitive touching, rubbing, sucking
Moaning deeper, deeper, deeper….
Nykieria, go deeper
Orgasm upon orgasm upon my lips and tongue
Perfected movement in and out
Quenching this burning desire to
Ravage you repeatedly in all the ways you crave
Stimulating nerve endings into submission
The Scorpio in me has got to have it
Vigorously cumming in my mouth on the bed, floors, stove, counters, the porch, the hood
Willingly allowing me to
XXerically f*ck you from across the room
Yielding yearning yells
Zealously showing you… I am nothing to be played with…

Now if you touch me again, I with ABC you without mercy.

National Poetry Writing Month


6 thoughts on “ABC’s 1 of 30

  1. Lol…what else needs to be said???

    You have once again did an Outstanding job of putting pen to paper (if you will) and simply laid it out there, beautifully expressed, for reader to feast on!

    Question: Will you be putting any of these fine works in a book?

    And may I copy this to “WORD” and affix your name before printing it out?

    It’s what I call “A Keeper.”

    • Thank you and sure you can print it out.

      And since you asked……… Yes I’m currently preparing a book that will print this summer. I’m really excited about it too.

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