Write For Me… 2 of 30

I don’t feel like writing
I am cramping, my feet are cold, and I would much rather be spending time with friends or family
I don’t want to hear anything of paragraphs and lines nor sentences and periods
I want to go dancing
I want to be cuddled on the couch with someone’s arms wrapped around me
I want to play a game of spades with great company passing drinks and sharing recipes
I want to be out and about
I want
I want
I want to not be compelled to pour my heart and soul on notebook pages
Finding that the further my touch the more distant the rest of the world seems
How the hell do I have 18 new voice messages
Where did they come from
Where have I been
What am I missing
Who am I
How much further do I have go
Will I ever break through
Attempting to dig through a mountain with an ice pick
I am tired but quitting has never been an option so i dig
I write hoping to inspire even when inspirations seems far and few in-between
I write
When time is passing but never giving enough
I write
I write
And I write because without it there is no me

National Poetry Month

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