In Memory of Dr. King… 4 of 30

This morning I laid out my suit
Sat my matching heels next to the bed
Made sure to brush my locs
Took extra care in getting dressed
Today would be a day of respect and rememberance
Quiet lined streets
Said it sounded like a firecracker cherry boomed through the streets
Single shot fired
April 4, 1968
Oh Lorraine
Memphis what have you done
Precious Lord
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Soon and Very Soon
The King
Don’t take our Martin
Grandma said it was as if someone had stolen her breath away
The deeper she breathed, the more painful it felt
Body just hurt all over
Arms, legs, shoulders, whole heart aching
Cain what have you done to Abel
My brother’s keeper
Of the same species yet segregated by ignorance
They, they…
No time to speak
What us gon’ do
What about Mrs. Coretta
No no no no no no no no no no no no not Martin
Aint no strength in a nation weakened and mourning
Through his cheek, say it smashed his jawbone, down his spinal cord and lodged in his shoulder
Dr. said he had the heart of a 60 year old but he was only 39
Too many mothers crying over Emmet Till
No freedom in this riding
Poor babies in the basement of that church
Crosses burning
Lynch mobs
Don’t water hose our babies
Tears after tears after tears after
Wait, don’t riot
Can’t control it
Y’all done took away our Martin
Dr. Abernathy, tell them no violence
Can’t stop it
Just so mad so angry
Just overcome with emotion
Ain’t nothing left to do
Frustration bottled up
Too much blue/brown eyes experimenting
Ain’t no smoothing, the nation simply languished in the agony of your passing
We still have a Dream Dr. King
We still remember you
You’re an icon
Gone but never forgotten
We tell our children of you
March, preach, cite, and walk in your honor
We love you
We miss you
We thank you twice the world over and back again

In memory of Legacy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968


2 thoughts on “In Memory of Dr. King… 4 of 30

  1. Okay. I meant to comment on this yesterday and kept getting sidetracked.

    You’ve written another “Keeper” and I actually love reading this piece out loud to myself.

    I plan to visit my mother later this week and I’ll be reading it to her as well. She’ll agree with me. The piece is deeply moving!

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