Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Been kinda a whole lot     U      Y

Other than that, things are going great. I’ll be posting my poems from National Poetry Month within a few days. Of course the trip to Jersey was bittersweet. Sad with the funeral, happy that I got to see my nephew and niece. My grandmother is getting old.

I’m thinking of doing a sneak preview of Positively Infected here in Atlanta in June. I have to look at the dates.

I’ve decided I want to go on a cruise for my 30th birthday this year. I’d like a lot of friends to come along, the more the better.

Well that’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “M..I..A

  1. Wow. I really wish i could attend because I’ve recently become interested in educating myself about the subject (What it means to be HIV+).

    I very good friend of mine recently shared with me that she’s HIV+. She’s an incredible woman TODAY but her *Past* life has come back to haunt her. At first I was speechless (I couldn’t find the words) and then my heart ached for her :(.

    But the news also jolted me into the realization that I know next to nothing about the subject. And it’s a very sensitive subject for her ) so I can’t really get into an in-depth discussion with her about it.

    I’d really love to learn more.

    • I’ve always included an HIV message in my works. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their lives because of it. The African American community is so disproportionately affected that it breaks my heart. I am totally dedicated to spreading the message in any way that I can. Seriously, this cause is dear to my heart. Too many people dying needlessly.

      The story of your friend sounds similar to one of the characters in the play. I wish her well.

      I have to decide on what date I want the play to show here. My cast is already in rehearsals for it so they’ll be ready. I’m thinking the last weekend in June but I’m not sure yet.

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