Positively Infected

It was no secret that her boyfriend was cheating but the most Kyla expected was another woman coming up pregnant. As for Audra, she spent her life in church seeking Gods’ favor, there was only one time that she acted on her carnal cravings yet should she have to pay for that with her life? Black is every man who you’ve ever dated that you thought you knew. What would you do if at 14 you found out that both your parents were HIV Positive? Would you be like Zora and willingly accept your fate or would you lash out and infect everyone that you came into contact with like Kyle?

Every 9 minutes someone is infected with HIV. 

Written and Directed by Nykieria Chaney, Positively Infected uses common situations to break down myths and educate the community on the realities of HIV and AIDS. Taking a direct approach on revealing how they came to their Positive statuses, the play not only educates on HIV but also removes the stigma surrounding the disease by exposing several well-known misconceptions.

This is not a test… It’s the real deal.

Please come out and enjoy a free screening of Positively Infected. You’ll experience a range of emotions as the characters take you from your seat directly to their living rooms… Walk a mile in their shoes, even if it’s only for 90 minutes. 

Please feel free to invite others to this free screening. Our community has been disproportionately affected by this disease. We must get the message out by any means necessary, Art is my avenue.

RSVP http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1658016171  

Visit www.NChaney.com for more information

This is a Free Atlanta Play so please spread the word as much as possible.


5 thoughts on “Positively Infected

  1. Nykieria,

    You have no idea how much i wish i could attend your play!

    But I’m leaving for Dallas 2 days before your showing or I’d hop in my car and drive on down, see your play and then head to Savannah (my home away from home) for a few days of rest and relaxation.

    The truth is, I have questions and concerns these days about HIV and AIDS, particularly as those 2 issues relate to the Black lesbian community.

    • Hey HEY HEY…. I have been MIA. Lol….

      I wish you could make the show, would be nice to meet my frequent commenter… is that a word? Actually, let’s pray that I can bring the play to a city closer to you soon.

      I have real concerns about HIV in our community. I really feel that in the coming years we face dangers on becoming infected. To date there are no known cases of female to female sexual transmission…. I think that’s going to change. We have to educate and protect ourselves.

  2. “To date there are no known cases of female to female sexual transmission…. I think that’s going to change.”

    I couldn’t AGREE with you more!

    SGL women who are IV drug users and bisexual women behaving badly (LYING or withholding info about their True sexuality) are REAL threats to the Black lesbian community.

  3. “You know i’ve contemplated with an LGBT version of my play positively infected.”

    Now THAT’S what I’m talkin bout…:>)

    We need it!

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