Positively Infected by Nykieria Chaney

Announcing the opening of Positively Infected by playwright Nykieria Chaney, at the Atlanta Central Library on July 16, 2011

Focusing on a community that has been disproportionately affected by HIV and infused with poetic apologues, Positively Infected uses common situations to break down myths and educate the community on the realities of HIV and AIDS. Taking a direct approach on revealing how they came to their Positive statuses, the play not only educates on HIV but also removes the stigma surrounding the disease by exposing several misconceptions.

Written and directed by Nykieria Chaney, Positively Infected features Amber Cutter, Craig Danzey, Denise Hill, Tomika Polk, Latoya Washington, Jada Samira, and April Mendez.

Positively Infected, is presented by Cre8ive Nsights, Inc., a Literary and Performance Arts Company aimed at assisting to eradicate a disease that claims the lives of over 18,000 people each year. Utilizing literature, performance, dance, and other expressive arts, Cre8ive Nsights develops programs aimed at removing the stigma associated with HIV Testing and Awareness.

Free HIV and STI testing will be provided on site by WestCare, Inc. and SisterLove, Inc.

Show date: Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Where: The Atlanta Central Library
One Margaret Mitchell Square
Atlanta, GA 30303


3 thoughts on “Positively Infected by Nykieria Chaney

  1. Nykieria,

    Thanks so much for giving us a sample!

    Since I won’t be able to attend, being able to see even a snippet is such a treat for me.

    No doubt, your play will be a creative, educational and informational hit.

    Oh and I’ve informed my friends living in the Atlanta metro area about your play, including the date and time of showing.

    I wish you all due Success!

    • Thanks lady, we’re all so excited about the show. I really can’t say enough about how hard my cast has been working.
      I know that we’ll be traveling with the play, hopefully we’ll be in a city near you soon.

      Have a good day,

  2. Great job Ms. Chaney,I just saw the play today and it’s Great thank you so much for bringing all those stories to life. The cast is beautiful. “Positively Infected” made me laugh, cry, and mad as hell!! Why-Why-Why the statistics scared the hell out of me….I couldn’t wait to share the information I had just learned with my 21 year old daughter…and she listened! I wish “Positively Infected” could be performed in every high school across Americia. I loved the Q&A after the play. Much sucess to all of you.

    Oh…and the actress that played the doctor (The Beautiful Black Lesbian) is SEXY!!!!

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