Amy Winehouse Tribute

Those we could not save, we simply remember the best of. N. Chaney

Been Gone Far Too Long
It’s slowly tick tock time bomb killing me
but I can’t stop the pull of my
body mind and brain from these drugs that have a hold of me
Sweet minutes separated from the realities of life
drowning in my self induced ficiton
the world simply seems much easier here
I haven’t slept in days
and all I know is music
so I drift
high on this here ecstacy
no more autumn leaves
harmonizing  gray skies
there is a phone call looming to tell my family and friends of my death
I’ll be drifting
Addicted to this Alcoholic Logic
too Close to the Front for Best Friends
Cherry picking Back to Black
I can’t Beat The Point To Death
Ain’t no need screaming Amy Amy Amy
Do Me Good
Simply remember me in my F**k Me Pumps
I’ve been playing with Fool’s Gold
I Heard Love Is Blind
so Get Ready
because when all is said and done,
He Can Only Hold Her
so Help Yourself
In MY Bed
It’s My Party
No haters, Just Friends
Been a Long Day
Love is A Losing Game
I Know You Now
Me & Mr Jones
Been Moody’s Mood
Call this my October Song
In death there is no Procrastination
Rehab couldn’t save me
I needed someone Stronger Than Me
Someone To Watch Over Me
Take The Box daddy
Momma, let these Tears Dry on Their Own
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
even if You Know I’m No Good
You Sent Me Flying
You’re Wondering Now
My body been a mess and I been painting pictures since Valerie
It’s been Some Unholy War
to Wake Up Alone
Round Midnight
You could only hold me for long
I’m no longer vacant so
Keep All My Lovin’ in memory of me


2 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Tribute

  1. Very creative and also Very moving.

    The line: “I’ve been playing with Fool’s Gold” can probably be applied to the lives of too many incredibly gifted, yet tortured, artists.

    It still boggles my mind that it was a song that mocked and rejected treatment she so desperately needed that catipulted her to music media stardom. Never made any sense to me…smh.

    But the music industry, with the soul of a bottmless pit, exploited her via her music, the fans bought her music and she AND the industry made lots of $$$.

    Sadly, overwhelmed by her illnesses (mental, addictions and other related illnesses) she finally got what she spent most of her tortured adult life chasing.


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