My New Business Cards!

Totally geeked about my new business cards… Every day is a step closer to my dream!

Positively Infected, Cre8ive Nsights, N. Chaney

6 thoughts on “My New Business Cards!

  1. And let me be the first to say Onward and Upwards Nykieria!

    Now um…so that I have an understanding Please enlighten me…..

    …the red scarf across…well, darn near the entire face means what???

    Btw: A friend of mine, who lives in Hotlanta AND is also in the creative arts field, knows of your work and was trying to get in touch with you.

    • Peace & thank you. The red scarf across the face means that we are all the face of HIV/AIDS. The disease is faceless, it cross genders, sexualities, nationalities, religions, and any other boundry that man creates in attempts of separating. I’ll email you on the other.

  2. Oh. Wow. Thanks for clarifying that for me!

    Geez. You know…if people. particularly My peole (meaning Black people) would only WAKE-UP to the reality that We’re all (meaning sexually active people) just a sexual act away from being infected with any of the STDs out there…and especially HIV/AIDS. The difference is being PRO-active about Prevention via knowledge/information AND Protection.

    And *word* to any readers who may use professional “escort” services:

    DO.NOT.BE.FOOLED. The women (and men) who work in that field know how to *game” the system when it comes to being “medically cleared” every few months.

    Please don’t misundertand me. I’m NOT in any way suggesting that they ALL *game* the system. I’m saying many of them know HOW to do it…AND some of them ARE indeed infected and DO *game* the system.

  3. “how in the world can you get a medical clearance if you’re not well…. medically cleared???”

    In know! I thought the same thing when I first heard it. And then ti was explained to me.

    *Gaming the system” is as easy as this: The most valued “escort” is the TOP $$$-making escorts. The madam will move heaven and earth to keep TOP momey-makers MAKING MONEY.

    So let’s say…during a regular periodic check-up of a Top money-maker the doc discovers there MAY be a “problem.” Tests are run to confirm what’s what. The escort “feels fine” but test results confirm she has a disease. That escort is NOT necessarily taken OUT of commssion. As long as she agrees to take her meds and she continues LOOKING healhty a Madam keeps that girl working. If the doc is corrupt and getting PAID handsomely for his services he ain’t telling.

    In the case if HIV, for example: T-cells count are checked periodically and as long as rate within the “normal” range and no other symptoms are present a Top escort can keep working. Her client is NON the wiser that she is infected. If that escort decides to stop taking meds for awhile (because she “feels fine” and/or is in denial about her illness) who’s going to know but her? She can jump back on the meds in time to “medically clear’ her next check-up.

    I’m reminded of the saying: “The LOVE of $$$ is the root of ALL evil.”

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