In A Romantic Mood

I want to do something romantic
Backs pressed against a blanket in the middle of the park staring at the stars while running my hands through your hair
I want to have a picnic lunch on the banks of a river while being slow fed mango and papaya
Take a camping trip with no electronics allowed, just you and I becoming one with nature
I want to lazily drift down the river, the feel of bare skin and cool water creating memories
I want to be romanced
Taken to my favorite restaurant
Fed my favorite sushi
Have a house concert of nothing but my favorite music
I want to have my hips held onto real tight and close and be led into a slow dirty wind
I want to make music and crush crescendos
I want to feel the highs of appreciation
Bask in the rays of adoration
Just once
For a few moments of this lifetime
I want to be romanced in this romantic mood I’m in


2 thoughts on “In A Romantic Mood

  1. A smile of envy comes to my face when I think of the person who gets to do all of these things with you. You certainly deserve to be adored and the center of someone’s attention. Drifting down a river, reading the works of your passion, twirling your locks, smelling like exotic oils, sipping tea, listening to Amy Winehouse, or one of your favorites, Nina Simone. Yes, you are certainly a prize for someone special Ms. Chaney, you and those Hips! 😉

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