Je t’aime

(Written Early 2011)

I have yet to figure why the ghost of your presence still haunts my conscience
Yet my mind flirts memories of you and my lips smile in your remembrance
The warm feeling of familiar territory
Even with my eyes closed, I can find myself all around this place
This space of you
I wonder if you feel me in your prayers
My love and devotion showering blessings over you
I wonder if you know I still think of you daily
No longer a need for tears, I simply allow the love to show
I loved you
Maybe it was the friendship
Hours playing DJ Hero busting Jay Z rhymes and Kanye West beats
You were always better but I loved trying to beat you
Sipping on Hennessy, Black like you like it
Chicken wings and herb
I didn’t smoke but I would watch you roll yours
Eyes closed
Lips puckered
You had that thickness that I like
Fingers simply melted into you
Going deeper
Pulling you into me
Making you call out to me
Twisting and turning
Raining down into you
More ways than you cared to admit you liked
Much rougher than you wanted to say you liked
More often than you dared to say you wanted
I marked you in sighs and bitten bed sheets
Drifting on these memories
I am not trying to find my way back to you
But way back
Back then I loved you
And some days, you still encroach upon my memory
There are no proper, established, or usual limits
Just human feelings where I allow myself the pleasure of hoping our paths will cross one more time
Knowing our goodbye was not bitter
Just me giving us room to grow so that one day we could be better for one another
In the meantime I simply allow my subconscious to do what I can not


4 thoughts on “Je t’aime

  1. Wow. Sounds like somone is truly *in Love.*…and that there’s unfinshed business between the 2 of you.

    If the *stars* are aligned just right, *she* (whoever *She* is) will read this incredible piece…

    …and give You a call 🙂

    • Oh no… Lol… It’s an old piece. Going to update post so that shows lol. But at one point and time I was. I was scrolling through my poems this morning and came across that one.

  2. I always enjoy reading your work! My day usually is 1) Tea…shut the office door, 2) turn on a tune while I go over my schedule, Check what Nyki is talking about today! 🙂 Always a pleasure to read.

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