Changing Sites…

I love creating my own way, having my own style, and leaving my mark. I love that I’m the only AtlTomgirl on the web, anyone else is just an imposter lol. Type in Atltomgirl and it brings you, well, directly here. That being said, I didn’t want anyone to have a chance to purchase the name so I did. Everything will pretty much remain the same except now you can go directly to to view my blog.

And just in case you’re wondering what a Tomgirl is….

Tomgirls have strength with style. They like to do things that boys like to do yet look like girls. They are most comfortable kicking a** in a fly fit with 5 inch stilettos. The attitude is assertive, confident, and charming. The difference between a Tomgirl and a Tomboy is that tomboys typically wear masculine-oriented clothes and tomgirls do not….(well sometimes they do)

 Confused? Think Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Wallpapers 2011                 Angelina Jolie in a suit for Nokia 5233

Think Alicia Keys (before she had to dress up to calm down the gay rumors)



5 thoughts on “Changing Sites…

  1. Cool. I would love to say Alicia Keys is beautiful in that first pic, but her outfit is so damn sexy, and that HAT, I can’t even look at HER! You need to do a blog about this to educate. We certainly can dress and act androgynous and not be required to pick “femme” or “stud”. In some ways I am neither and I am both!

    • I can totally do a blog on that. I have never been into the whole label… For “aha” purposes I will identify as Femme AG. I am very androgynous and typically date any type of woman that I’m attracted to at the moment….. Though I typically don’t get along too well with cold hard butches, they think I try to challenge their position… whatever that means.

      • ROFL! Nyki, it means “you looked a pimp in the eye”. Honestly, I heard about you for a few years and I thought you were a stud. LOL. That is so funny because after seeing you, I think you have extremely femme features, especially your cheekbones, those things were made for blush! . When I first started dating women, I went for the studs and soon realized some of them have this “role” thing going on that they have to open my door, and I have to act passive at all times not to make them look soft!. I am thinking “I don’t have time to memorize roles.” Then I started dating femms because they seem to be less threatened by my personality. But, I would often get “we both can’t be the girl”, and I am extremely girly at times and while I may dress masculine/femm at times, I never dress like a dude.

      • A stud… Me… (most innocent look I can muster). Why absolutely not! Truth be told, I did go through a season of fitted caps, boots, and boy clothes. that’s about as close to stud I have ever been when it comes to my attire. What made you think I was a stud? Was it the name or something? (gosh, you heard about me for a few years… now you know I want to know what was all the hearing)

        & i’ll be looking pimps in the eye till the day I die then. I just can’t get with the foolishness. We are all women and deserve mutual respect. I said I was going to write a book titled “Lesbian Terms of Engagement”… we’ll see about that one.

        I don’t like anything too soft, especially not women so it’s a hard balance.

  2. The name, somewhat, because I only knew of your short name. Mostly because all of the people that I had heard talk about you were studs and they would always talk about your radio show and your work.” I don’t recall ever hearing them speak in a manner that would lead me to believe you were femme. It wasn’t until we were at a mutual event and I heard someone say your name, I turned around, looking for a stud and when I didn’t see one, I resume my conversation. I heard your name again and again turned around. So I asked one of the women I was talking to “which one is Nyki?” She pointed your way and I was surprised to see a woman with makeup and heels. But after speaking with you a few times, it all fits.

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