Juicing For Transformation

I have spent a great amount of time these last few months looking at food choices and researching nutrition. This year has been about making healthy choices for me but I felt like a little change here and there wasn’t getting me back on track like I wanted to be. Four years of Marine ROTC and one year of Air Force ROTC used to have me in top shape and I loved running. There is nothing like putting on a comfy pair of sneakers, some great music, and going for a nice long job. We used to run 3-5 miles 5 days a week. I should have joined the Air Force when I had the chance, but oh how life can take you different places.

Even though I’m on the go a lot, I still feel as if I live a sedentary life. Maybe that’s because I spend 40 minutes driving to work in the morning, 9 hours sitting at work in front of a computer, get off and spend over an hour in afternoon traffic, go to rehearsals or wherever and then back home where I’m in front of my computer working on my business. I am usually up at 6am and not back to bed until after 12. *Yawn*

So last week as I’m browsing Netflix, I came across “Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead”. Now my first thought was WTH! But I love watching documentaries and the title had me. With the information that I’ve learned over the past few months, the film was exactly what I needed to see. I’m not a band wagon type of girl so believe me when I say that I knew this was worth is in the first 10 minutes of the film. Below is the synopsis.


100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn’t end well— with one foot already in the grave, the other wasn’t far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe’s personal mission to regain his health.

With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long- term, Joe turns to the only option left, the body’s ability to heal itself. He trades in the junk food and hits the road with juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days. Across 3,000 miles Joe has one goal in mind: To get off his pills and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

While talking to more than 500 Americans about food, health and longevity, it’s at a truck stop in Arizona where Joe meets a truck driver who suffers from the same rare condition. Phil Staples is morbidly obese weighing in at 429 lbs; a cheeseburger away from a heart-attack. As Joe is recovering his health, Phil begins his own epic journey to get well.

What emerges is nothing short of amazing – an inspiring tale of healing and human connection.
Part road trip, part self-help manifesto, FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD defies the traditional documentary format to present an unconventional and uplifting story of two men from different worlds who each realize that the only person who can save them is themselves.


I needed to reboot myself. I told a few people that I was going to do it and mostly their reply was negative. “Oh, you’re going to gain a lot of weight when you stop it,” “Why would you want to do that”, “why would you do a juice fast” blah blah blah blah blah. THEY MISSED THE POINT. The purpose is not to do this to lose a little weight and then go back to their bad habits. It’s to reset yourself. Do you have to have huge meals throughout the day. To me, a shake for breakfast, maybe even one for dinner, and a light dinner sounds like what the body needs.

All of these pills and toxins that we’re putting into our system is killing us. How can you tell me that an item has a shelf life of over 1 year and that it’s still healthy for me. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat anything that was boxed/packaged over 500 days ago. GROSS! I also know that the majority of the time we cook all nutrients out of our food. By the time we’re done, we’re left with big pieces of seasoned products, no nutritional value. I can’t do it anymore.

In addition to all of the above, I like to end my year in sacrifice. Last year I did a 30 day no meat, no alcohol fast. It was WONDERFUL. This past weekend, I went out and purchased a Breville Juicer and threw out everything in my fridge. Yes, I threw away  EVERYTHING. Whew! Lol. I went to the Farmers Market and stocked up on nothing but fruits and veggies. Some of this stuff I’ve never tried in my life. Well here’s to being 30 and making a life change!

I will start out with a 30 juice fast, though I will break for thanksgiving. I don’t imagine that this is going to be easy. I mean, no solid foods whatsoever, are you kidding me? You want me to drink Kale, are you serious? Again, I know that it’s not going to be easy but I will do it and I’ll be blogging about it the whole way so you will likely see a lot more posts. You can change your subscription to daily digest if you don’t want them all coming to your email.

Let me know if you want to juice with me.

Ok, I purchased so much fruit and veggies that they couldn’t all fit in the fridge. Maybe I was a little anxious! Hey, I don’t half a** anything. I go all in 100%


5 thoughts on “Juicing For Transformation

  1. Hmmm. An all juice diet? Not quite my cup of tea.

    But I’m all for increasing one’s, fruit, vegetables AND water intake, however that’s accomplished.

    About 11 yrs ago I came to the conclusion that getting *fit* and maintaining good health was all up to me. Traditional diets had failed me…so I did my own thing. Designed my own weight-loss and fitness program (tailoring it to My specific needs). Most importantly I stuck with it. I took it one day at a time.

    Gradually, I transformed my mind, body AND Spirit.

    In short Nykieria; Take whatever *healthy* steps you feel is right for you. Make whatever changes along the way you feel will help you accomplsih your goal.

    I wish you Much Success!

  2. The frig looks amazing! The colors alone should inspire you to want to eat, in this case DRINK! You’ll have fun finding new recipes and seeing the positive changes your body will take. Be patient with yourself. The first week or so can be a bit rough but, your mind is your strongest muscle, It can do whatever you tell it. Water, Vitamin, Exercise, and Rest! You’ll be just fine. When and if you start back on solid foods you should check out this clean eating website http://www.eatcleandiet.com/ The site calls it a “diet” but really it’s a complete change in how you pick out your food and what you put in your body all together.

    Take Care,

  3. Hi! I’m browsing blogs for other juice fasters. I watched fat, sick, and nearly dead a few weeks ago and I’m on Day 10 of my juice fast. I planned to go 15 days, but I may go longer. Good luck to you!

    • Peace and thanks for reading and commenting. Congrats on your progress. Please feel free to share any tips that you may have. I plan on blogging about it so I’ll be posting my review of day one shortly.

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