6 thoughts on “She came knocking…

  1. That’s interesting but not so insane!

    For years I dreamt of this woman but never saw her face. She was tall, wore all black including her boots, simple yet elegant jewelry. Her hair pulled in a high pony tail and she walked with a since of authority, sophistication and elegance. I’ve had this dream about this woman for as long as I can remember but I could never picture her face or her purpose in my life. I can only tell you the way I felt when I saw her. She was very poise and confident. She always walked tall and with a purpose. I would see her in random places in my dreams.

    One day I was dropping my son off at the airport and we were running late. In the mist of my hurried shuffle to his gate, I saw a glimpse of her, this wasn’t a dream so I did a double take but didn’t have time to go back and find her. On my way walking back to my car I glanced over my shoulder and to my surprise, I saw her, in the exact same manner in which I had saw her in my dreams, it gave me chills, even more so because I was looking at my reflection. Dressed in a simple black sweater, black pants, black boots, elegant jewels, long ponytail. All too well do I understand feeling like you are insane because in that moment standing outside the airport I couldn’t hear or see anything but her. I walked over to the reflection in the window and simply stared at myself. I thought, “was I imitating the woman from my dream or was I the woman I was dreaming of all that time”. Maybe it was my moment of “me” clarity.

    I don’t know why certain things come to us in our dreams but I know all too well that where dream and reality meet is a thin line. So don’t focus on what she looks like but focus on the feeling you have toward her in your dreams. Once that feeling presents itself to you then you will know the dream has been fulfilled. 🙂

    • I can see that happening and yes, that is an imagine of you. Though, I don’t see you in all black too often. You’re always full of color when I see you. You know…. What had me so shook was the feeling that I had towards the woman and what I could see of what she felt towards me. It was indescribable. However, I am very sure that I will know her when I see her again. I wish I could paint so that I could paint what I remember of her.

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