Positively Infected – Cast & Crew

The cast of Leading HIV Awareness Play, Positively Infected, share their experience on a recent trip. To book Positively Infected please contact Cre8iveNsights@Gmail.com or visit http://www.Cre8iveNsights.org

Cre8ive Nsights is a literary and performance arts HIV Awareness production company. Utilizing literature, performance, dance, and other expressive arts, Cre8ive Nsights designs programs to educate on HIV Awareness & Prevention and reduce the associated stigma.

It is our mission to inspire and motivate communities disproportionately affected by HIV to know the status of themselves and their loved ones. By collaborating with Local and State Agencies, Colleges, Churches, Businesses, and Department of Corrections, we aim to enlighten individuals on methods that will prevent new HIV infections.


3 thoughts on “Positively Infected – Cast & Crew

  1. Nice to finally meet the crew, unofficially of course 🙂 Just think of how great the world would be if we were all brave enough to follow our passions. I commend you for following yours and for always taking on topics that get folks to thinking. In the process, someone’s life is going to be saved by the things they’re learning from you and your team. I’ve always said, if you aren’t making the world a better place then what is your purpose. Good Luck Hun!

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