Nikki Giovanni @ Kennesaw State University

Yesterday I had the privilege of viewing one of my favorite speaker/poet/activist, Nikki Giovanni. I love her candid sense of humor and very matter of fact delivery. I am unsure if I am more impressed by her poetry or storytelling ability. Either way, I was front and center, literally, for her show yesterday at Kennesaw State. Here is the video and pics I managed to snap. Told you I have the ability to merge into VIP areas, I was sitting in the press section :o)


4 thoughts on “Nikki Giovanni @ Kennesaw State University

  1. Loved the video! How interesting is it that she says even cave women wanted someone to know “they were here”. Or even what she talked about with the Frontier Woman. Women of all races have certainly had to push through a great deal of issues. There wasn’t time to have a pitty party then or now. You got to witness a treat. I am still wondering why I didn’t get in the car and attend when I was asked. Thanks Hun! 🙂

    • You are correct in that. It is something about knowing that you will be remembered, that you are doing something that will have a lasting impression and not just living in vain. I love to hear Nikki speak. And I don’t know why you didn’t come but you could have been sitting front and center with me. Hmph!

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