She Wets The Bed

The mother wants to know why the daughter still wets the bed at 13 years old
Fully developed body much too large for training bras or junior sizes
She says, I have beat her, punished her, I took away the TV and she must come straight home from school but she still pees
And in a house full of male cousins and miscellaneous uncles, I want to ask what shouldnt have to be the obvious
Because sometimes the trickle of liquid between legs says what the mouth can not
What it is afraid of
Ashamed of
And I see her
The girl
Sitting there showing all the signs of a woman in a child’s body
And I close my eyes and will myself not to cry
And I inhale deeply
Release slowly
Ignore intuition and listen intently but her body is silently screaming THEY ARE TOUCHING ME
And her mothers not listening
The smell of pee soaked mattresses and sweat fills the room
Her mother says, I made her sit in those clothes all day, if she wants to piss herself then she should sit in it too
And a part of me dies in that room
It simply lays down next to the innocence the woman child lost and it remains there
Yelling at the mother would do no good
I can not convince familiar eyes to see what even a stranger can see through
She knows
She knows but rent is high and money is short
She knows but she feels the child will be fine, after all, she was and her mother did the same thing to her
The cycle is repeating itself


5 thoughts on “She Wets The Bed

  1. Wow Nykieria! Just. Wow.

    Co-sign with Tonette. What a Powerful and DEEPLY moving message.

    The truth iz…if THIS doesn’t move you (whoever you are) you simply CAN’T be moved!

  2. Took a few days and thought a little more about the “inconvenient Truth” of this sorrowful message.

    Sadly, it has brought to my mind a conclusion that I’d reluctantly came to accept quite some time ago:

    Since becoming and adult, I have learned that MUCH of what I was taught and led to believe about the vitures of a Black woman are LIES and fairytales.

    Many Black women have lived their lives in as *whore-ish* and uncaring a manner as ANY whore-ish and uncaring man.

    In many cases (perhaps in more cases than Black mothers care to admit) Black MOTHERS have proven to be an even GREATER threat to the lives of their children (their daughters, in particular) than the male cretins that prey on young Black children. For it is MOTHERS who most often SELL the innocent young bodies of their child/children to the highest male bidder for $$$ and other related material gains.

    Just imagine how many children’s lives could have_and would have_been spared IF mothers had not *looked* the other way!?!

    It’s a shame before God…smh.

    Btw: I’m also curious about the prevalence of Black women_Black lesbians_who prey on the lives (the bodies) of young Black girls? But that’s a different topic.

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