Grinding Chakras


Lustful innuendos encased in sin
I wanted to dip to hell and back again riding to heaven on your dead sea
Swallowed your Persia
Tickled your river n’ I grinded Egypt on your fingertips
Sunbathed in mud packs
Golden brown mahoganies against carribean skies
We rastafari’d mangos and coconut water
Dripping on the tip of rice and peas
Slow licked fingers on setting beaches
Sand dipped cheeks
Parting thighs on the crescendo of sunrise
I simply wanted to Virgo your Taurus while slowly licking your Sagittarius until your Cancer came with my Scorpio
Aries Libra in Capricorn moments between Pisces thighs in Gemini rhythms on lips of Leo’s Aquarius
Shhh… I feel your essence running
Those mornings when my locs tickle your skin
I wrap my hair so that I dare not share you with anyone
The slow trace on the willow of Seths back
The release captured when Shug kissed Celie
Mister can’t touch this
I am Nykieria
The feeling that Beloved yearned for when she said “Touch me on the inside”
Goddess of poetic images burned on the inside of your mind
We grind car hoods
Twisted metal parts of disassembled automobiles thrashed on involuntary shudders
stretched apart in breathless moments
Torrential downpours of “if you stop now I will never forgive you”
I have no respect for dams or levees so I come in waist deep sea levels of your violent moans wrapped around me in tornado like winds
Receding orgasms that aftershock for days
Record number murmurs whispered into bed sheets of Do you wanna..
Me feeling the tide rise between your thighs
I’ve learned to keep my fingers to myself
They leave drizzle marks and you know I like to play in the rain


One thought on “Grinding Chakras

  1. absolutely beautiful. You had me holding my breath… waiting for the next line to slink down into mental sheets of dreams yet dreamt while the sun still hold the moon at bay… and exhale in quivered delight at the thought I should read this again.

    and yes… I am reading it again.

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