Captain Save A Hoe

Maya Angelou said when someone tells you who they are to believe them. She didn’t say to ask them questions or attempt to figure out how/why they are the way they are. The problem with too many of us is that we have a Captain Save A Hoe mentality. We see the warning signs or sometimes they tell us straight out that they have issues but that only propels us towards them. One mans trash is anothers treasure right. See we believe that we can work it out with them, the last person just didn’t try hard enough or wasn’t committed right.

We fail to realize that some people are just manufacturers defects. Seriously, someone just removed the “do not remove” sign like the one that comes on mattresses. We take these individuals home and attempt to love them, and fix them, we do everything in our power to make it work. But the thing about a manufacturers defect is that you don’t know what parts are missing or why in the hell it doesn’t work. Sometimes people throw stuff out for a reason. Stop bribing home strays. Look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and vow that next time you will leave them right where they are.

The thing about working with damaged goods is that over time they will misuse you and often destroy any part of you that they can on the process. I say RUN. Next time I will RUN.

I refuse to dedicate any miniscule part of myself to another piece of trash. Am I venting? Absolutely! But do I mean what i’m saying? Damn right.


2 thoughts on “Captain Save A Hoe

  1. I’m told that ..”Captain Save A Hoe” an old saying. Funny. I’d never heard it before.

    But seriously. Even before I made a decision to pursue a career in the mental health field I had already begun to PAY ATTENTION and NOT hesitate to RUNNN like heck at the first sign of trouble…err…”defect” when it came to my personal life.

    Suffice it to say that mindset has saved me a lot of grief!..even despite 2 um…*situations* in 2001.

    I was single at the time. Met a chick from Altanta. And later that year met another chick from Tuscaloosa, Ala. Both ladies APPEARED to be *okay.* Educated with good jobs, a nice personality and independent. They neither admitted to_nor showed_any signs of having serious “issues.”

    I dropped my guard a little.

    Long-story-short: In about 6-7 months the “defects” began to show. and BOY were they doozies!

    I wasted no time heading for the “EXIT.” Thankfully I hadn’t gotten into anything *serious* at all with either of them. I beat a hasty retreat with only my ego a bit bruised.

    My “defect” radar has been fully operational since that temporary lapse in judgement and I’m all the more glad about it!

    • Lol, I heard the term a long time ago and it still applies today. Trust me, it’s a lesson worth learning and holding tightly onto.

      Now I can be extremely shy when I REALLY like someone but everything else about me is the same. Within a few months I can speak to them with the crazy butterflies in my stomach. But the psychos… BEWARE bc they are out there and they’re scarier than Halloween 🙂

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