A New Tomorrow (President Barack Obama Inauguration 2013)

A New Tomorrow (President Barack Obama Inauguration 2013)

Of a new age
A different time
A brand new tomorrow
Of sound peace of mind
We join hands interconnected through barriers
Across party lines and racial divides
Not as African American or Caucasian
Native American, Asian, Hispanic,
Japanese, Filipino, Caribbean,
Not as Christians nor Catholics,
Neither Muslims nor Jews
But once and for all
As A United Nation
As Americans
Heads held high
Let us go forward into a day where dreams are turned into reality
From sea to shining sea riches amount to more than materialistic gains
And faith even as a mustard seed is strong enough to move a mountain
Let us reach from roof tops to valley lows and whisper through winds that hope is still alive
From the Pacific to the Atlantic embracing the Gulf
Let us build up as we set an example of the American Dream
For working families,
Men, women, and children
Immigrants and allies
Our accomplishments now stand as a testament of the history we have overcome
Yet our history instills a deep foundation of humility and servitude for those that stood
And died so that we may all have the ability to prosper equally
Together we heard the call of equality
Felt the spirit of movement
Were empowered by change
Bound by Hope
And instilled with faith so strong that the world took notice
From France to Germany,
China and Japan
From the frozen grounds of Australia to the heat soaked roots of Africa
America is and always will be the land of limitless opportunities
And now begins a new chapter of our history
A reference in times of despair
The torch continues
Weathered yet still shining bright
The current carries on as that of the river
With the strength of the roots
In flight as the wind
With the intensity of the sun and the power of the night
With clarity and pride
We triumph over adversity
And bury division
Blazing a trail of broken strongholds
In peace we join
In love we believe
In hope we aspire to live out The American Creed
Justice for not just you and me but for all in pursuit of liberty
We pledge our Allegiance to the US of A
And walk with pride every time we say
I Am an American
Where all men are created equal and free
Never forgetting the past but constantly recreating history
Yes We Can
Yes We Did
Yes We Will Move Forward

This is a poem I have written for President Barack Obama 2013 Inauguration. It is my dream that he would at least have a chance to read it. Feel free to share wherever you wish!


3 thoughts on “A New Tomorrow (President Barack Obama Inauguration 2013)

  1. Now THIS. This right here: GOLDEN.

    What an incredible piece, Nykieria! Right up there among your *Best*..if not THE best I’ve ever read that was written by you.

    Certainly, a genuine KEEPER for me!

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