I Wanted You To Want Me

I wanted you to want me as I wanted you
An undying aching to be consumed and comforted with thoughts of nothing but you
And I
I wanted you to want me
To daydream of possibilities and romantic moments hidden from the rest of society
Resting lazily in each others arms with kisses lingering across collar bones and lower backs
Inner thighs and upper lips
I wanted you to want me
To crave the feel of my womanly curves enveloping you
Thoughts of your fingers undoing my ladylike manners until nothing was left but carnal cravings and rough whispers urging you to go deeper
I wanted you to want my love
Nurturing and loyal
Faithful and unwavering
The sweet memories of returning home after a long days work
Mother of your children
Listening to your dreams in the middle of the night while the rest of the world was sleeping
I wanted to be your Michele and you my Barack
Your Jada, you’re my Will
B to Jay
I wanted you to love me dangerously
I wanted you to want me in the way that I wanted you
Wishful thinking never did make dreams come true
I’ve learned that some things are better left unspoken
Some thoughts are better left lingering
Some feelings don’t need mentioning
Some wants will always go… Away
But for a short moment… I just wanted to be wanted by you.


2 thoughts on “I Wanted You To Want Me

  1. I’m off work today…just sitting here chillin, doing *my* thang (listening to great music and reading) and then I see THIS piece…smh.

    Let’s just say, it took me back….back to a time and place that I shall never forget.

    I was just 23 and she was ….well, she was 37 but I didn’t know that at the time and honestly I did not care. She didn’t look a day over 25 and from the moment I first laid eyes on hers I wanted her. I mean I really wanted her (not just sex).

    I wanted to talk with her. To spend time with her. To know everything about about her. In every imaginable way I wanted to be with her ..to be part of her world.

    And I wanted her to want me too.

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