I read an article today about souvenirs and mementos left by loved ones on the grave markers at Arlington Cemetery. The story and pictures truly touched my heart. I couldn’t imagine being the woman newly married awaiting my husband’s return or the little girl wondering when is mommy coming home. In my mind, sacrificing your life for your country is and should always be considered above the call of duty.

I left a stone on your grave
It was pretty and smooth and white
It reminded me of your smile
The perfect alignment of the light in your eyes
Your heart full of laughter
Sounds that we will never hear again
Locked away within our memory
Recalled in instances spent gripping solitude wishing your arms were near
I left a stone on your grave
Beautiful, black, and smooth all over
It reminded me of your courage
Your strength
Overflowing and full of youth
So many promises
You were going to be a Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
At ease…
You are away from position without permission because we are missing your occupation of space within our lives
Killed In Action
6630 gone
28, 26, 43, 32, 21, 30, 42, 39
19 Years Old
So young
There are times the silence of your absence knocks me to my knees
The look in our child’s eyes when they wonder where you are
The Birthdays, Anniversaries, First Steps, Graduations, Vacations
Precious moments you’ll miss
To us, you will always hold the Medal of Honor because giving your life for your country is “Above and Beyond the call of duty” in any given situation
You were courageous
Our hearts have forever been marked Purple trimmed in gold in your memory
My fallen soldier, you are now laid to rest


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