Long After (3 of 30)

Long after I have packed my last bag
The scent of me no longer lingering in your sheets
My towel no longer across the rack
Bath soaps gone
Toothbrush removed
Will you remember the feel of me cradled in your arms
Leg thrown across yours
Cheek against your face
Nose cradled in your hair
Long after my coffee cup is removed
Cabinets stocked with different ingredients
New recipes simmering
After the leftovers and smells are gone
Will you remember me
Tried & true
Willing to go the distance
Sharing the mile
True when no one was watching
Will you remember me
In the middle of the night when your body longs to be touched
To be held
Licked deeply
Savored slowly
Devoured completely
Will you remember me
On top of
Inside of you
Legs around my waist
Erogenous zones connected
Heart in touch
Knowing this pussy was no ones but yours
Long after my love has been given to another
Trust has been embedded elsewhere
Will you remember that at one time I gave it all to you and you returned none of it to me
Long after, it won’t matter


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