Death is Knocking (5 of 30)

Sun is shining
Birds are flying
Birds are chirping
Nature growing
Death is stewing
There’s going to be a funeral today
I dreamt it
Just about the night that it happened, i dreamt my grandmother had died
Woke up with heart palpitations in a cold sweat
Made a note to call her
When I did, they assured me all was fine
Two days later my mother informed me, my great grandmother had passed
Guess I could sense death coming, just didn’t know from where
Spirits be funny like that
Can’t quite be obvious
Too much future to predict
But I felt it in my soul
91 years old
She looks just like my mother
Or my mother she
Which makes it a little hard looking at the obituary bc a quick glance confuses the two
I wonder what God truly has in store for me
This uncanny intuition that fear/life keeps me from tapping into
Wonder what secrets Mabel took to her grave
More than what meets the eye
October 12, 1922
I have always been drawn to Libras, Pisces, Cancers, & other Scorpios
She be from geechie territory where they mix that funny stuff
Before Louisiana Bayous swapped badus with foreign religions
The entire family bears uncanny resemblance
Almost as if one was simply duplicated becoming translucent in the process
Guess death has me thinking funny on this beautiful sunny day
With them birds flying
And that breeze blowing
People going
Time passing
Getting ready for this funeral today

RIP Mabel Smith Neal
October 12, 1922 – April 11, 2013


2 thoughts on “Death is Knocking (5 of 30)

  1. “She be from geechie territory where they mix that funny stuff.”

    Lol. Yes indeed. I hear ya. My family roots are in Georgia, Alabama AND Louisiana.


    I’m sorry for your loss. But I thank you for sharing such a memorable line 🙂

    May your great grandmother Rest.In.Peace.

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