Disinterested (4 of 30)

She wanted to love me
I simply was not interested
Not her walk, her talk, touch, nor kiss
There were no words to change my mind
We were simply better off as friends
She did not move me
Didn’t incite the reigning passion that happens to take over my body without warning
The intensity of my touch traveling, exploring, devouring her skin one kiss at a time
I just wasn’t interested
& for that she hated me
She wanted me to love her
Wanted my love notions to be applied to the way she felt of me & because I refused…
Well I became the bitch that karma would seek
In her eyes everything that I ever said or thought was a fake
Simply because she could not understand why my interest did not lie within her
She spread lies & nasty rumors that attacked my character
Maybe it would have been better if I lied
Feigned interest
Dragged her along, wore her out & broke her heart in the process
But I did break her heart
Because no woman wants rejection
Guess that’s why so many settle for less than
Repeating the same lesson
Stressing because lack of attention has them feeling rejected
Subjected to wondering eyes and lack of communication
Frolicking in other bedrooms
Refusing to play by the rules
Making a fool outta you
But yet & still… she said I was wrong for telling her the truth

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