Primark Factory Disaster (8 of 30)

Primark Factory Collaspe

Bodies streaming down beautiful fabric rolls
Lightning fast
Crackle boom
Devastation and morning counting the fallen
Looking for the lost
Dust flying
Rubble and ashes everywhere
There’s a child motherless
A father missing
A son searching
Police holding family members at bay
Tears drenching the streets
Cries and wails
Sounds of mourning
And there’s a stench
The smell of death
Pouring in from everywhere
Can’t make a way through that unforgettable smell
Instilling itself within nostrils of those already in pain
For another man’s gain
Factory owners ignored warnings to protect their workers
Workers driven to work to provide for their family
As Shaheena said, “Some of us did not want to work fearing something might happen, but the garment factory people told us that we had to join our work otherwise we will lose our jobs.”
That’s not a disaster, its homicide
Companies ignoring threats to turn a profit
Valuing dollars over lives
And now they expressing their condolences
Spokesmen paid to face the news
Sitting in board rooms organizing a way to avoid public contempt
Such an embarrassment
When business should be conducted with good ethics
Business requires integrity
Most of these companies simply have dollars but no values

The Primark Factory Collaspe disaster really hit a cord with me. I have previously worked jobs where I went in sick, hurt, and worked my behind off all while feeling as if I didn’t matter. These jobs made me feel like nothing but a number towards their bottom line yet I worked them because I had bills and a need to live to I needed the money. My heart mourns for those affected by this disaster the the utter disregard for human life these factory owners displayed by ignoring the warnings. I pray that they are held accountable for their actions.


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