I like my grits smooth and creamy
Not too much salt
Hold the sugar
Light on butter
See I like my grits thick
Fulfilling in every way
Wrapping around my tongue
Slowly trailing down my throat
Giving me something to last me over
Sometimes I like them flavored
Add some parmesan or asiago to the mix
Just don’t serve them gritty
I can’t take no harsh grits
They tend to stick between the teeth in uncomfortable places
No thank you
I’ll take my grits soft enough to melt in my mouth
Though I don’t mind licking them off my hands
Biting my lips at the thought of it
How do you like your girls raised in the south


2 thoughts on “G.R.I.T.S

  1. “How do you like your girls raised in the south” ?

    What can I say?…lol I have loved “GRITS” most of my adult life.

    I like them Smart, Sassy, Classy, Sexy (in her own way), of the more *Fem* persuasion, Honest, Independent, Patient (no U-haul mentality), Caring and has a real sense of Humor.

    That’s how I like my “G.R.I.T.S.”

  2. Also, just an FYI….

    My last mate was/is from Louisiana (we’ve thus far been able to retain our friendship).

    And the lady I’m currently *getting-to-know* is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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