Crossing Lines

Your husky voice drifting through the phone
My hands doing these things
Running across my skin in your memory
I can feel you
Remember you here
Me there
Us doing
Moans escaping from deep within me
Laying back
Opening wide
Taking you in
You took me there
And here now
You talking in a steady pace
Lust crossing wires
I’m fully exposed
Perfectly posed
No music
Just you and I
You instruct me here
I touch there
You make me do it over again
Something about the way you speak makes me follow directions
Remembering you are 100% dominate
I submit
Allowing you to take me there
To touch me there
To imagine you here
And I do things
Say things that make me blush
Feel things that make me cum
Knowing you are the only one able to hold this spell over me
Cause when you start talking my knees get weak
And my body gets wet
And my thighs begin clinching
But no matter how tight I squeeze you still find your way in
I allow you to
Want you to
Crave for you too
Those nights I close my eyes and trick my mind into believe your hands are mine
And I
I lose myself between the sheets


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