You’re so fly

He said
She said
They said
You said
Too many says
Not enough dos
And all you had to do was be you
Tell the truth
Seems everyone has a representative to showcase
Far too much pretending
Make it look good
Pop your collar
Pimp them hoes
Tell a lie or three or four
Cause your homies think you’re the shit
And your girls think you’re the shit
And you are…
Full of shit


4 thoughts on “You’re so fly

  1. “And all you had to do was be you…Tell the truth”

    But what do you do when doing just THAT leads to a conflicted feeling within yourself?

    I recently had such an experience. I was being *myself* and I told the Truth (about someone) to someone I have the utmost Respect for….and shortly thereafter I began to feel that it probably wasn’t an appropriate thing for me to have done.

    I just don’t know(?)

    • I would rather have the conflict of truth than the peace of a lie any day. These days it seems like common people have more representatives than professional athletes. What’s wrong with just being “you”. Ok, maybe people don’t want to walk up and say “Hello, I’m Jane Doe and I’m full of sh*t” but maybe they need to begin saying “hey, I have issues”. I’m just over the pretending. And an omission of something that can seriously change my opinion or like of you is just as bad as telling a lie. Concealment is keeping something from being seen, found, observed, or discovered. It’s the practice of keeping secrets and most people “conceal” when they are attempting to defraud. I keep praying to meet good, genuine, honest people. I can’t take the pretenders anymore. Got me singing “Chic don’t kill my vibe” 🙂

      Good morning by the way!

  2. You got me smiling Nykieria 🙂

    But let me be clear: My conflict was never about having to choose between telling the truth about a problematic person. The conflict was whether I should have simply kept my mouth shut?

    The woman I respect didn’t ask me for the info. I volunteered it because she’s good people and I didn’t want her to possibly have to deal with BS.

    And after reading your response, I’m going to trust that what I did WAS the right thing.

    She deserved to know and I told her so there…lol.

    Btw: I love Kendrick Lamar’s latest cd 🙂

    • Yes, I’m totally feeling him as well.

      Off subject, but not, this poem was about a woman I “was” crushing on. There goes that one. & this is why i’m still single 4 years later lol.

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