So Good It Hurts


Passion marks… The morning after, runnung my fingers across my skin, feeling the soreness of skin sucked on in the heat of the moment. I find something extremely arousing about passion marks. The reminder at the slightest touch of what you did. The closeness,  gripping skin and biting sheets. Lips forcefully searching contact, taking hold to the nearest object.  Kissing, licking, teasing, taunting. Some days I can control my thoughts, others I have no desire but to be controlled,  sexually manipulated.  This is the latter.  The tender spot on my lower back. The moan inducing area of my neck. Locs gripped tightly. The curve of my hips resting between intentional hands. There are some scents meant to linger on the top of your lips, I am one of them. Today is one of those days.


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