My Prayer For You

7 Years
7 for completion
And maybe there is some truth in that number
7 long years after
10 since the beginning and finally I can admit that I loved you in a place where the soul grows
Truth holds
With complete and utter adoration
The place where safe spaces are formed
Love learned
Pure and unearned
My kisses lingering on every freckle across your skin
Through your vulnerabilities
The best of me
Folded into the softness of you
Embedded into your sacred places
Scratched into forever in moments of passion
Never did I think I would find… Someone like you
I wasn’t able to stretch my fingers far enough to hold on to you
Holding on hard as hell but steady coming up empty handed
I packed my bags on the midnight train to Georgia
Unable to remove heart-strings attached to spoken promises
Well sometimes indeed it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead
I wish you nothing but the best
No, see, I wish you the love that I felt but was unable to show to love
May you love in a way that frees and binds
May you be bound to everything she may have for you
May time cover you in memories and early morning smiles against sunrise
My zodiac twin
1 after and 4 apart from me
Put a ring on it
Give her children and something to grow old with
Something to grow with
To go with
This is my pray for you



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