Speak Slowly

Please speak softly
Lace every word with the truth
Secure every intention with action
This dear heart of mine is fragile
Promise me nothing
Give no more than what you have
Just take it slow
The blooms of my bud are delicate
They may retreat at your touch
When you hold me, mean it
Fold me into the safety of your arms as I drop my guard
Kiss me passionately
Show me what you came for
Remind me what to stay for
Turn down your past
Turn up our future
Pass me your heart so it may merge with mine
Give me your love that we might grow
Each moment implied
Forever not required…

I was on a roll with this post and then I returned a phone call during break and…

What had happened was…

Sometimes I forget that my blog is accessible to the public. No, what I really mean is that rarely do I think those individuals I write about will ever take the time to read my blog. So what happens when one does and casually mentions it. o-O Insert that deer in the headlights look.

Of all days to read my blog, of all posts to come across, she picked that one. So here I am now feeling the need to clear the air but picking the same platform with which I opened the box in the first place.

The short path of the long story.

I fell in love once. We had something great and meaningful but we were young and it wasn’t our time. We both made mistakes that caused our relationship to end. We went our separate ways. For years I held on to the hurt that I felt before finally realizing that the love we shared was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. With that realization I was able to find forgiveness. It wiped the slate completely clean. It was not to go backwards but to move forward. It actually happened some time ago but music moves me. One of Adele songs came on and my mind instantly went to her and I found myself writing. I’m proud to see the woman she’s become and I wish her a loving life with a happy family and lots of memories for her old years. The End.

OH…. I don’t know where the desire came from but… I think I would like to date a really aggressive woman, aka, a stud. Insert “look of shock”. I have rarely been interested in aggressive women in my life. Oh my, what am I ready to get myself into?


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