Head In The Clouds (NaPoWriMo 5 of 30)

For days I’ve attempted to find a face in the clouds
Looked hard
Opened my mind
Seeking but only finding blue space
Coming to the slow realization that at some point in time you no longer seek what isn’t there because you’ve learned to focus on what is
But it doesn’t mean that it  was easy letting go
Most things ain’t
Or aren’t
Or are not
See it’s complicated
Like being unable to use your vision to see beyond your sight because you’re so caught up in it
Mourning things that never were
Loving you when there was never an us
I have lived and lost in the hurt of love
And sometimes the hardest things to let go is shit that was never yours
I mean we’re girls and all but we’re not boys
We friends but we ain’t cool
Too busy saying goodbye to see hellos
The opportunity is there but it’s hard to breathe with no air

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