Butterflies (NaPoWriMo 6 of 30)

You give me butterflies
The fluttering kind
Down between the center
Right in the middle
Up from the bottom
I feel you there
Felt you there
Instant attraction
I met your aura before your mouth uttered a word
Felt you enter my cypher before you crossed my eye
A missed encounter
I couldn’t bring myself to speak
Until compelled
The 2nd time
Something in your energy completely offset mine
And that was…
Just fine
Enticing my curiosity
Separating the facts from fiction
Your lips send my mind contradictions
You could be exactly what I need
You feel like old school
Traditional values and morals
Who your people be
Cause you like some country loving and I’m home for the summer
Baby, I could fly away with you
Spend days with you
In you
Through you
To you
In the words of Cee Lo
“I wanna make love but it’s not quite time
I’d rather spend the night in your mind”
Truth be told I’d rather leave lasting impressions
Life long obsessions
Years of yearning and learning
Deeper than shallow connections
I wonder if you know what good loving feels like
Not physical, the praying type
Proverbs 18:22
The marrying type
Beyond seasons, I’m talking life
My price is above rubies
Riches amass to more than material possessions
You’re missing out on dollars settling for dimes
But you’re not mine
And honestly… you never will be
But I have thought of it a few times
And your eyes do give me butterflies
Not once
Not twice
But every single time




7 thoughts on “Butterflies (NaPoWriMo 6 of 30)

  1. Hey Nyki – Long time no see. I ran across your radio show a couple of days ago and wanted you to know that it stills held significance to this day. Hope all is well and still trail blazing. – Shomo

  2. LOL – I typed your name on Bing :-)! I still have your book so I was looking to see if you created new material since then.

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