Destiny (NaPoWriMo 7 of 30)

I have never given that much thought to destiny
Simply having an understanding that my life work was meant to begin with paper and pen
Writing has always been my gift
A love of reading and speaking somehow transformed into taking place on public stages where I share my pain and hurt
Pour my all into describing how I’ve loved and lost
Been touched in the most uncommon profane ways
The broken relationships between parents and peers
I found comfort in releasing what was trying so hard to keep me bound
Secrets that attempted to silence me
I found strength in speaking them out loud
Knowing that to keep any part of them within would kill me
A slow lonely harrowing death
I am not nearly as strong as others think me to be
Realizing that a part of the person dies in the quest to survive against all odds
They have never been in my favor the odds
And maybe strength is only perceived when compared to another
My destiny is tied to emptying the contents of my mind
And this in itself is a troubling thing
When there is no place to hide but out in the open
Becoming invisible with every emotion shared
How can your salvation be embedded in your pain
I find life in my work
Knowing that if I was to die on any given day it would be in peace over pieces of me strewn across “Fertile Ground for Love” poems on a stage called home


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