Daddy’s Girl (NaPoWriMo 9 of 30)

He’s screaming
Yelling at the top of his lungs
Her ears are covered
Self esteem nonexistent
You dirty nasty slut whore bitch
Cowering in corners
Bed rocking
Sheets holding secrets
Thighs clinching
Not enough strength nor pressure to resist
Constant pounding
Counting numbers
Naming sheep
Anything to forget
Everything makes you remember
Mama’s little baby loves shortening bread
Daddy likes what’s between baby’s legs
Broken boundaries
Mama’s baby
Daddy doesn’t give two shits
It’s a hard reality
She swallows the secrets
Refusing to wallow in her own pity
And black girls are not allowed to bleed
Nor show black and blue
No bruise
No guilt
No pain
No shame
But she’s thick thighs and a bulging waist
Pretty for a dark girl face
Expected to smile all the while
Her color has her labeled
Black girls should never become angry black women


4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl (NaPoWriMo 9 of 30)

  1. “Mama’s little baby loves shortening bread. Daddy likes what’s between baby’s legs.”
    You know Nykieria, it seems there tends to be a specific passage in most of your work that reaches out, grabs me and pulls me in.
    The passage above struck a painful nerve with me.
    It was my stepfather. I was a child (age 7 to 9).
    But (in the lyrics of the song by composer/singer Shannon Sanders)
    “Thank God for my Grandmomma. And where would I be without my Granddaddy. Long as I live, I’m thankful for as long as I live.”

      • You’re already carrying out a tremendous Mission just by creating this site, sharing your talent, and providing so much food for thought.

        (sidebar) Thanks for responding to my *spacing* question. Must be my computer here at work.

  2. Question Nykieria – I’m reading my response above, on my computer, and I see there are suddenly NO SPACES between my sentences, despite the fact that I space my sentences!?!

    The lack of spacing in the above response above (and my response in a previous post, makes it seem like I ain’t too bright…lol

    And at this point, I’m reluctant to respond to future posts until I find out what’s causing the problem.

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