Brittle Pieces (NaPoWriMo 13 of 30)

She left her feet in FL
Miami Beach to be exact
The moment he told her she was not allowed to go anywhere without his permission
The statement hidden behind a charming smile
He had to be kidding
She unwittingly submitted
When he grabbed her around the waist after a night of drinking
Told her that her body was his to be used without objection
She didn’t let him but still he did
Hid her heart behind two inner chambers because love requires work
Buried her hurt
And those marks
I mean bruises
No, I forgot, they we’re accidents
Mistakes of his unforgiving temper
Her lips bound by fear
Ears in his pocket where he constantly reminded her how worthless she was
But her back
Her backbone though strong was a doormat with marked footprints of his disgust
Shoulders entombed with the lies she told us
Because he never meant it but he always did
It was the last time that never was
She made him do it though she truly didn’t
Her will gripped tight between his fingers
Hair holding whispers of carpeted floors against swollen cheeks
Tear soaked bed sheets
Blood drained shower stains
The worst of the pain was giving away her brain the day he engrained she was too stupid to ever think for herself


3 thoughts on “Brittle Pieces (NaPoWriMo 13 of 30)

  1. I’m not sure I should like this. I guess that’s the point.
    The story is not one I want to be allowed in this world, however it is well told.

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