A Poem for Dr. Maya Angelou (RIP Beloved)

I have been crying since hearing of the passing of my beloved Dr. Maya Angelou. As a young girl I found my voice through her literature. Her works allowed me to form thoughts before I understood the pain I felt. Dr. Angellou has been my literary inspiration all of my life. I had the wonderful chance of meeting her and listening to her speak a few years ago. I cried the entire time she was on stage. She wasn’t just a poet/author, she’d been my light in a dark world. When I was lost and figting to find a safe place, I found it through her works. I am deeply saddened in losing such an extraordinary woman. RIP Dr. Maya Angelou.

Because I truly believe that it is best to give a woman her flowers when she still has the ability to see, feel, and smell them, this here poem is for you
My most cherished and beloved Dr. Maya Angelou

With no need for introductions or unnecessary things
At a young age you explained to me Why the Caged Birds Sings
Stamped to silence
More importantly you taught me why it invoked its right to remain quiet
You had it right all along, your voice could move mountains and kill monsters figuratively because to give a young dream deferred a chance to succeed through literacy was a powerful thing
I wanted to “enchant” myself like you
“Relive the agony, the anguish, the Sturm und Drang
Every eloquent poem was a bittersweet memory sipped across pages with brewed paragraphs over explicit similes

I been trying to “tell the human truth” since I found you in my youth because there are still “helpless piglets awaiting slaughter”
Houses just don’t seem as evident as they use to
Folks done cleaned up the outside but it’s forever internally blue
All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes with Rituals of Peace and Prayer Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas
See I want to write a Letter To My Daughter
But I’m afraid that I may never have her because there’s some buried chapters and solemn matters that I have yet to discover if poetry could heal
Or heel
Or… kill
My assailant has never faced the firing squad and I reckon he never will
Bastard didn’t even apologize

Through clipped wings and tied feet I found a song to sing
So I took my rage to the page allowing the stage to become my cage
Plagued journeys of Momma Welfare Rolls
Still I Rise victoriously because you helped me to see the “obvious differences in the human family” I was able to fly free
And my pen is still flowing

See I know your birthday hasn’t been the same since 1968
If you knew in the two weeks you sat in the concrete jungle “absent from yourself” that the life jacket you created would save more than yourself
What if King had lived to see your dream… come true

I cried the entire time I saw you
And you stood there weaving stories of past times as if you were talking to an old dear friend and I inhaled every part of you
Walked away with a deeper understanding of the little nothings that create the something’s we must live through
That’s A Brave and Startling Truth

“All great achievements require time” and now I know
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”
Not all degrees require college for education
Storm clouds will continue brewing and a house will never be a home alone
If the tree, the pulse, and the morning could meet then surely love could arrive and survive memories of pleasure through ancient histories of pain

We still rising like the moon and them suns
We still pushing tides across bruised heads and battered eyes
Ain’t nothing changed about this black ocean
Dr. Angelou it’s still leaping and wide
But the rock found pride in its pod because it was Touched by An Angel from God… YOU
So to the rock that cries out, tell him we’re free
The Muslim
The Catholic
The Sheikh and the Jews
Tell the Preachers
The Privileged
The Teachers, & The Feared that along the riverside we found FREEDOM
It was inside our mind the entire time
We simply had to open our mouths and sing


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