A Moment Never Forgotten

A very sleepy good morning to you. I lay awake in my bed early this morning listening as another September 11 crept through the night. It’s a day that silence will never keep quiet. In this moment I feel a sober thoughtfulness for those that lost their lives to such senseless acts. & then I feel a small bit of guilt. Countries around the world face horrific acts on a daily basis, countries where women and girls are gang raped before being tied to trees or set on fires. Places where residents are driven to barren mountaintops in a fight for their lives, forget freedom. But today is September 11 and there will be coverage across the US about what we lost on this day. I was there, I smelt it, I felt it, I remember, I can never forget.


One thought on “A Moment Never Forgotten

  1. Yes indeed. 9/11 was an absolute dreadful day. No question about it.

    But I feel (and have always felt) that our response to it was even more dreadful.

    The truth is, I try not to think about any of it, as 9/11 rolls around each year. However, in the words of Valerie Simpson and (the late) Nick Ashford, “it seems to hang on.”

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