And so Karma spoke…

I hide my beauty not because I am ashamed but because I am proud
My complexion a direct representation of all that the earth is
Beauty instilled deep into my pores
My soul speaks from the light of my eyes
Beneath layers of Godly love
Poured over and into the mold that I am I am
Queen of the Nile
Mother Jordan
Sister Egypt
Distant relative of Nefertiti and Cleopatra
From my genes rose Bastet and Oshun
Created to recreate she warriors of guidance
Courage and wisdom
From my thighs great nations are birthed
My womb holds divine creation I am a representation of all that you are
The ugly and in-between
And then man came and poured hatred at my feet
forced disease down my throat
A combination of loathing and self-hatred
Curses from your mothers breath
Against the tree of life
I have taken root in the foundation of your home
Representation of one scorn
I am still woman
Mother Nature herself
Now the backlash of karma
The great and mighty
A warrior of all time
They attempt to stop me
Knocking down Babylon
I call on Jerusalem
And Egypt
Rise Israel and fight with me
We must not die in vain
My babies have been slain by man
My men infected
My women die of sickness
Body turned on itself one cell at a time
We must go forward into night and take back what is rightfully ours
From the high heavens and valley lows
I release the plague of conviction
Bodies will be rid of their earthly burdens
Earth scoured twice over
Rise my children
Rise my great
For victory calls and she shall be merciless


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