Metaphorically Speaking

Maybe we can have scrabble inspired weekends
Slow stroll away Saturday into prayer blessed kitchens on Sunday soul fixings
I wanna Harlem Renaissance into a BB King blues
Langston Hughes some Angela Davis into an oral fixation
We can Chain of Fools until that Change finally come
And I’ll Sing A Song For You over your Sexual Healing
Rebel Music a Maya Angelou poem until all caged birds fly free
I wanna Dr. Martin Luther King your intellect
Malcolm your passion
And Teddy Pendergrass… your ass
Excuse the analogy
But I want to ease my noun into your pronoun until we create profound dialects
Let your Niagara Fall into my River Nile
We can trouble the water your thighs into a new great wonder
Promising to go gently, I wont hurt you as long as you open wide,
I’ll humpty dumpty your insides back together again
Slow, no, fast
No slow
No fast no slow
No fast….
No slow vibrate between the sheets into sweat soaked dance movements
I know this is study week so let’s international politic orgasms into algebraic expressions
Playwright hickies on my insides while I suck your clitoris into a thesis
Stroke your body into a 4.0 from head to toe one molecule at a time
I want to dissect your mind and regurgitate your essence so I can swallow it all over again
Let’s be lovers and friends
Leave the labels at the doorstep
Karma sutra new positions until your navel cums
Make your neighbors cum
Oil paint the wall in skin impressions
Wrap your knees around my hips and take heed to this delivery
UPS couldn’t make it and FED EX doesn’t do pornography
So let’s just 911 your moans into meditation
Go nam myo ho renge kyo until your mouth tingle
If life is about creating yourself then let me create you in hues of
“you came so hard that the bed sheets changed colors”
Then Picasso the wet spot into a picture frame
I’m just saying
We can Nostradamus fiction into reality
But of all the seven deadly sins, I’d rather gluttony your mind
Until your desires become my envy and we climax in conclusion


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