Not Another Rape Poem

I don’t want another female to get up and recite a rape poem
Not another he touched me beneath my panties
Preyed on the innocence in me
Can’t take these demons that’s still touching me in my sleep poem
Not another female subjected to the pain and humiliation of laying spread eagle
Legs wide open,
Tears dropping from eyes of a woman forever scorn
Forever left product damaged,
marked half off on the clearance rack
Now a battleground of cheap bargain thrills and half off sales
Left to heal those torn pieces within herself on white notebook paper
Filled with black lines of memories that cross the lines of reality and fiction
Read at poetry readings with people who don’t want to hear another rape poem
As it females being raped is yesterday news that’s no longer making headlines
But every day another young girl lays victimized to an enlarged penis and fondling fingers
That force dirty secrets mixed with shame and intimidation
Breaking the foundation of innocence and creating environments of hostility housed within said girls self-esteem
So what does it mean to say I don’t want to hear another rape poem
When girls are still being raped and molested
Still subjected to a society that rather keep secrets than admit that mothers are turning their backs on their
Choosing to love men that engage in pedophilia and pretending not to know that the daughter is the mistress the mother is looking for
When torn flesh turns into scar tissue and the mind never heal
It only plays back over and over again
Sometimes in silenced cries whispered into bed sheets
Or in an overly tough physical appearance used to ward off such encounters
Sometimes the mind shuts completely down and block out to black out those bouts
from cast doubts like here comes another rape poem
But on the day I wrote this poem, a 10-year-old girl gave birth
Because her mothers 40-year-old boyfriend but his penis where it shouldn’t fit
Because most people listen to rape poems without hearing it
So colored girls are still considering suicide because the red in their panties
Is casting blue thoughts on their pale yellow minds
Blacking out hopes for the rainbow they thought their future would be
So getting up to recite another rape poem isn’t about sympathy
Because most raped girls sympathize with themselves
And don’t need to be put on shelves to receive guilty sentences they’ve already been given
We recite rape poems because silence is what urges men to continue reaching under skirts and creeping into beds at night
We recite rape poems because every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted
1 out of 6 women have been a victim
& most women still continue to recklessly leave their daughter with men even after it has happened to them
So we recite rape poems to bring awareness because rape already has enough shock value


One thought on “Not Another Rape Poem

  1. Sadly, I came to the conclusion years ago that there are many Black so-called “mothers” who are NOT fit to raise a dog let alone a child. In other words, they are NOT fit to be mothers.

    And they know it.

    But they keep having babies…smh.

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